• 06 April 2021
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UnitedCrowd Campaign Manager

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The UnitedCrowd Campaign Manager is our solution for smooth and effektive funding campaign management.

In the past weeks the UnitedCrowd development team has been working on a full functional app for managing your funding campaign. The UnitedCrowd Campaign Manager has all kinds of components and functional features that help us and our clients to launch their token, manage their campaign and raise funds and investments from investors. It has a clean, modern and great looking UI interface which is fully responsive and works on mobile devices, too.

Note: The UnitedCrowd platform has been relaunched! Discover what´s new here

Performance overview on the dashboard

A funding campaign is an exciting time. And it is an important time. It is important to keep an eye on everything, not only for your own motivation and that of the team, but also to be able to take the right measures at an early stage. The dashboard therefore gives you an overview about the status quo of the funding.

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Several key performance indicators (KPIs) are displayed on the Campaign Manager Dashboard show how the campaign is performing:

How many investments have been raised so far?
The essential question! This KPI shows you how much money you have raised, so you can see if everything is going according to your plan.

How much is the average investment per day?
Get a feeling about the average investment size per day.

How much is the average investment per investor?
See the average amount of money your investor invests.

How much investments will be raised until the end of the campaign (forecast)?
See how much money you will raise when the campaign ends if the funding continues its past performance. Thus, you can assess whether further measures have to be taken to achieve the financing goal.

How many tokens have been sold?
Giving you the exact number of tokens, you have sold already. You can use this information for external communication or to motivate your team.

Has the soft cap or hard cap been reached?
This KPI shows you details about your soft cap and hard cap goals. When the softcap is reached, an important goal has been achieved and the team can, for instance, begin to initiate the use of the money.

When will the campaign end?
A count down timer shows you the remaining time of your campaign. Use it for example for daily postings or for team motivation.

How many registrations, KYC checks and investments have been done per day or per week?
See how this KPIs are progressing at a glance in a time-graph.

Marketing key figures

With regard to the marketing campaign, it is important to always have an overview of current key figures. This is the only way to optimally adapt the individual measures to achieve the best possible goal in the remaining sales time. The dashboard shows three important parameters, on the basis of which it can be assessed whether the current measures have the desired effect or only cost money.

How are investment funnel and conversion rated performing?
This KPI shows you how many registered users you got and how many of those passed the KYC check and how many of those actually bought tokens.

What is the current allocation between purchased, bonus and referral token?
This KPI shows you how many of your tokens are purchased, bonus or referral tokens. Thus, you can for instance asses whether bounty- and referral-programs perform as desired.

Do the marketing efforts have a positive ROI?
The ROI is an important key figure for assessing whether the marketing measures perform as desired. It shows you if the money you are spending on marketing actually earns you money.

KYC and transactions

KYC and transaction should always be done as quickly as possible in order to make the investment process as short and pleasant as possible for investors. The dashboard keep you updated with any pending process, that you should review and solve.

Are there pending transactions?
This KPI shows you if there are transactions you have to review.

Are there pending KYC checks?
The Campaign Manager shows you if there are KYC checks you have to review.

A map and a table show in which countries the project is of particular interest. Knowing where the company and the product are in high demand can be a valuable insight for future development.

From which countries do the investors origin?
A world map highlights the countries with investors.

Which countries have the largest share of investors and investments?
This table shows you the absolute and relative amount of investments investors from each country have made.

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Account and role management with the Campaign Manager

The UnitedCrowd Campaign Manager has an extensive account and role management system built-in that enables you to add users with limited read and write permission, so you can restrict sensible information from your employees or external support cast. Additionally, every action taken is tracked in a worklog history and can be traced back to the corresponding user account.

Beside the dashboard the UnitedCrowd Campaign Manager also offers well-arranged tables where you can see all campaign transactions, KYC checks and account details about the registered investors. Useful filters, sorting options and search possibilities let you review, understand and manage every relevant detail that is happening during your campaign.

Some of these features include:

Transaction process control
Use this feature to manually add or approve transactions.

Management of user accounts
This feature gives you the possibility to manually add, activate or disable investor user accounts .

Management of control rights
With this feature you can adjust the rights of each user account.

Administration of KYC checks
Manually verify or reject KYC level checks.

The UnitedCrowd Campaign Manager is a fully integrated part of the UnitedCrowd Platform and utilizes the modules from our Tokenization Framework and Custody Wallet. We are looking forward to finish the development of this sublime addition and extension of our product portfolio in the coming weeks and will keep you updated.