• 06 April 2021
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The UnitedCrowd Reward Modul

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Attention: The UnitedCrowd platform has been relaunched. Don’t worry – you can continue to earn attractive rewards with our Social Rewards System. Find out everything about our new platform here. To login directly? Right this way:https://app.unitedcrowd.com/login

UnitedCrowd is your gateway to the world of digital investment. Members of our community get access to exclusive tokensale investments and can easily manage their own digital portfolio with our platform. The best part: with our reward module, we now offer bonus tokens.

You would like to receive UnitedCrowd Token (UCT) as a reward? With pleasure! As a registered user, you can access the Reward Module and carry out one of the easy activities listed below. The UCT will be credited to you immediately. Get your first 10 UCT now by registering on our platform.

Reward Programs: An effective marketing tool

So-called reward programs have proven to be an effective tool to support marketing, increase user engagement, and build a community. A reward program can be understood as a bonus program. The rewards for these programs are tokens, that the issuing company gives without payment. However, the release of the tokens is bound to certain services or activities, the tokens can thus be earned in a sense.

Depending on the type of activity that is rewarded with tokens, reward programs can be used for a variety of purposes. A widespread use case are programs to support token sale marketing. For example, companies reward sign-in on their sale platform to increase the number of connected contacts and their reach.

The UnitedCrowd Reward Module

UnitedCrowd has developed the Reward Module for an automated implementation of reward programs. The module is part of the UnitedCrowd platform and can be accessed through the Dashboard.

Platform users will find a variety of activities that we reward with UCT. Selection and execution can be done easily via the control panel. Integrated compliance controls and sanction mechanisms verify the activities performed by the participants, assign the corresponding reward tokens and ensure that there is no misuse.

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The module is equipped with numerous functions that are continually being extended:

Standard Features

  • Individual pricing of all reward features
  • Individual vesting of reward tokens
  • Claiming DAPP for reward tokens
  • User friendly frontend
  • Automated fulfilment control mechanisms
  • Automated sanction mechanisms to prevent fraud
  • Customizable periods and maximum pay-out limits
  • Personalized motivation management

Our Rewards – A win also for clients

The reward program is permanently available through the platform. Thus, it also supports our clients in building a community and maximizing their reach. In addition, we work closely with our clients to identify additional options that will be implemented based on the feasibility and the probability of acceptance that we determine.

Take a look at the Reward Module after you logged in into the UnitedCrowd Platform under: https://app.unitedcrowd.com/login