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Tokensales made in germany

Digital Direct Fundings For Your Company

Who is UnitedCrowd? 

Your full-service partner for digital corporate fundings

Tokensale Plattform

Tokensale Backend for Clients und Investoren

Legal Framework

Digital Smart Contracts on the Blockchain

Partner Network

Support from external Investors and Consultants

UC Community

Promotion & Engagement from the UnitedCrowd Members

All-in-One Platform

UnitedCrowd’s tokenization solutions provide you with a digital financing tool tailored to your needs. This enables you to acquire investors worldwide, attract customers and expand your community. We lead your company into the digital future – legally secure, individual and public.

Web-based Platform Solution

Manage your tokensale easily via your browser or our app. This will allow you to access your investment and management statistics around the clock.


Digital Contracts

Smart Contracts provide the highest level of security and transparency, and execute coded conditions on the blockchain.

Document Management

Marketing materials, legal documents, instructions & guidelines are made available to your investors via the platform.


Individualizable Layout

We design the front-end layout according to your ideas and adapt it to your corporate design. In the backend, widgets offer customizable statistics.

Professional Hosting

The tokenale platform is hosted and maintained by UnitedCrowd in a high security security center.

Secure Sales Transaction

Your investors are checked (KYC / AML), the token sale is automated and an escrow service serves as collateral.

“Our offering is tailor-made and makes digital financing much easier, allowing businesses and start-ups to attract investors, promote their own project, and incorporate the latest technical solutions!”

Michael Göymen


“UnitedCrowd supports you from the beginning with profound expert knowledge, smooth processes and sophisticated technology. This leaves you with more resources for the development of your company!”

André Wendt


We support you with your funding

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