Security & Protection

The protection of your data in all areas of the infrastructure is our top priority. To this end, we carry out continuous internal tests of software quality, service quality and the resilience of the infrastructure.

In order to guarantee the highest level of technical security at all times, continuous security audits are carried out by specialized service providers. In addition, UnitedCrowd is installing an incentive program (bug bounty) that rewards blockchain and web developers with tokens for reporting bugs. Customer data is protected against manipulation and unauthorized access in accordance with the GDPR. To prevent hacker attacks, all available protective measures are taken in the most current version.

Safety measures:

Data center

The data center is ISO / IEC 27001 certified and meets the highest security standards, including:

  • Redundant air conditioning
  • Redundant internet connection
  • Redundant backup power supply
  • Access control and security
  • Nationwide camera surveillance
DDOS protection

In order to maximize the reliability of the server infrastructure against DDOS attacks, DDOS protection was implemented via the Anycast network Cloudflare. Repelling DDOS attacks of up to 600 Gbit/s are guaranteed via Cloudflare through 30 Tbps networks.

2-factor authentication

To protect user accounts on the UnitedCrowd platform, users have the option of securing their account using 2-factor authentication.

Smart Contracts

In order to ensure the highest possible validity and the ability to act in the "worst case", all smart contracts are subjected to an intensive audit by specialized partner agencies before publication. In addition, a so-called "kill mechanism" is integratedinto all contracts, which enables the issuer to eliminate incorrect contracts. By triggering the "kill mechanism" a contract is deprived of any execution and transaction capability.

Multi Sign Cold Wallet

Company assets are held on an offline wallet that can only be accessed when authorized by multiple owners.

Password protection with Keeper

To secure passwords, we use Keeper, an encrypted vault that is only accessible with two-factor authentication. Biometric login without a password is also possible. Access authorization to passwords is only granted to those employees who need them to carry out their tasks. Permissions are checked regularly and revoked if necessary, and passwords are changed.

Any questions about Security?

We are happy to be there for you and advise you on our safety standards.