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Asset tokenization ecosystem

UnitedCrowd issues digital financial products, for corporate finance for instance. The range of our tokenization services includes existing financial products such as securities, investments, etc., as well as physical assets and new financing models.

Participation rights

Equity Token


Claim rights

Debt Token


Financial assets

Asset Token


Rights of use

Utility Token



What is tokenization?

Tokenization is an automated solution for digitizing values, including all rights and obligations contained in these values, by issuing a token that is registered in a distributed ledger technology (DLT) infrastructure. The resulting tokens represent the digitized form of these values, which can be transmitted via the blockchain.



There are different types of tokens:



Asset Token

Liquid as well as illiquid values can be mapped as Asset Tokens. The spectrum includes everything from cash, real estate, precious metals or art objects to intangible assets such as patents or copyrights.


Debt Token

Debt Token represent debt claims on repayment of the invested amount with or without interest. The range includes forms of loans and bonds.


Equity Token

Shareholdings and voting rights can be represented by Equity Tokens. Using the same principle, tokens can also represent shares in funds, for example.

Utility Token

Utility Token represent usage rights and can grant access to a network, goods or services.

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“Our offer is tailor-made and makes digital financing considerably easier. Companies and startups can thus attract investors, advertise their own project and integrate the latest technical solutions.“

Michael Göymen

Co-Founder & CFO

„UnitedCrowd supports you right from the start with in-depth expert knowledge, smooth processes and sophisticated technology. This leaves you with more resources for the development of your company.“

André Wendt

Co-Founder & COO


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