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UCT Utilities

The UCT is used for the ecosystem and is a governance token. All token holders can make important decisions within UnitedCrowd. In addition, UC tokens are used to incentivize behavior that is beneficial to the community. Every time UCT is issued, a small amount is burned. So the system is deflationary.



Voting of the UCT community


Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Mining via web-based platform



Staking via web-based platform


Social Rewards

Social activity rewards


Token Repurchase

Token buyback by UnitedCrowd


Token Burning

Voting of the UCT community


Subscription Rights

Qualification for exclusive sales


Token Bridge

UCT fee for Ethereum/Binance swaps

Strong Holder Allocations

Qualification for exclusive sales


DeFi Plattform

Take advantage of the opportunities that the corporate market offers. Via our platform you can easily invest in companies and participate in their success. Here you manage all your tokens and can view relevant statistics. Find out about new tokenization projects. Deposits and withdrawals can be made conveniently.


Your advantages with UnitedCrowd


Investment Dashboard

Manage all of your investments and compare their metrics to evaluate your return on investment.

Referral & bonus programs

Invite your friends and take part in the various bonus programs to be rewarded with more tokens.

Informations und News

Join the UnitedCrowd community to meet like-minded people and to keep up to date.


All startups listed on our platform must pass our comprehensive due diligence process.

Portfolio Analysis

We analyze your investment portfolio and inform you about new tokenization options.

Support Contact

If you have any questions, please contact our team directly.


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