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Our roadmap:



Unsatisfied with how difficult it is to raise capital for companies, Michael Goeymen and André Wendt jointly develop the idea of solving this problem.

Beta Platform

Release of the first beta version of the UnitedCrowd platform.


Tokensale Plattform V1.0

Our development department has done a great job and has further improved the platform.

Founding Hongkong Limited

For the founding of the first company, we deliberately chose Hong Kong, one of the most crypto-friendly and best regulated locations in the world.

First Smart Contract

We developed the first ongoing ERC-20 Smart Contract at the Ethereum Blockchain.

Referral System

With our referral program, we reward all active users.

Help Center

In our Help Center, interested parties now have 24/7 answers to many questions.

First dAPP

The first decentralized app: a great message from our development department and another step forward.

Whitepaper V1.0

With our whitepaper we communicate our business model now publicly.


Tokensale Plattform V2.0

After the Core Update, more features and an improved user experience are now available.

Smart Contract Audit

Our Smart Contract was put through its paces by the Blockchain Solutions GmbH and found to be good.

Ethereum Wallet

Our user now have an Ethereum Wallet in the platform

Telegram Bot

We welcome our new team member: Our Telegram Bot is now available for questions.

Start Private Sale

The first financing round with family and friends was started.

KYC/AML System

The first version of our compliance module has been published.

Founding German GmbH

UnitedCrowd GmbH is a consulting and service company for German-speaking countries. Here we are available to our clients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Web Apps

Our apps for Android and Apple are another important step in our quest for the perfect user experience.

Bounty System

With the completion of the first version of our bounty system, clients will now have the effective opportunity to implement activity programs.


Softcap reached

An important step for us and a reason to celebrate: We have sold 200 million UCT and reached the softcap! We thank our investors!

Client Backend

Access to numerous functions and a smooth management of the tokenale: This now offers the client backend.

Wallet Naming System

The assignment of individual names at Ethereum Wallet addresses is now possible.

Tokenization Framework

A milestone! Individual, regulation-compliant financing solutions can now be efficiently modeled in smart contracts using the tokenization framework we have developed.

EU brand UnitedCrowd

UnitedCrowd has been registered as a European brand in word and picture.

Token Tracker

The Token Tracker has implemented a feature that allows users to automatically track the price development of favorite tokens.

First client: Mycro IEO

UnitedCrowd has helped their first client Mycro to implement its IEO with great success.

Tokensale Launchpad

In a few steps to the tokensale! With our tokensale launchpad, we now offer a quick solution to designing a financing campaign.


A positive working atmosphere is important to us. With our employee participation program, we reward our team for the great work it does.


The exchange of tokens via atomic swaps is now possible.


The completion of our business plan is an important step for us. In black and white we are impressed with what we have created.

Founding member ITSA

UnitedCrowd is a founding member of the International Token Standardization Association (ITSA).

Member of BVMW

As a member of the Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft e.V. (BVMW) we strengthen our position as a tokenization partner for German companies.


The development of the E-Signature function was successfully completed. Now contracts can also be signed digitally.

BaFin Legal Review

The concept submitted by us was classified by BaFin as a utility token.

Founding Estonia OÜ

The newly formed company will hold the necessary licenses to exchange virtual currencies against Fiat currencies, which will be implemented in the wallet function of the UnitedCrowd platform.

Blockchain based VSOP

Our employee participation program, allows you to reward your team for the great work it does.

Member of Blockchain Bundesverband e.V.

Now officially member of this association for the promotion of blockchain technology in Germany.


Platform Wallet MVP

A first version of the wallet for all of our platform users.

WIB Contract for Tokenized Securities

From now on, our services also include tokenized bearer bonds via a securities information sheet.

Smart Contracts IPFS Hashing

We can now link real “real world” contracts with smart contracts.

Investor Pitch & Businessplan

The completion of your documents is an important step for us in attracting further investors.

Covid-19 Disruption

Not easy, but we keep going!

Business Architecture / Technology Pivot

Stimulated by Corona, we are focusing on realigning the business model and streamlining the technology overhead.

New Platform MVP

We have further developed ourselves and our product. The new platform reflects that.

New Angel Investor (100k → 5% Shares)

We are proud to have won Liebesträger as Angel Investor!

Platform Payment Module

Payments on our platform are now possible.

Platform Multi Referral Module

Our referral is now possible over several levels.


Financial Services & Investment Brokerage License

With this license we officially become a financial service provider.

Effecta GmbH Partnership

The partnership with Effecta opens up new avenues.

Start Strong Holder Mechanism

Toll Bridge, Liquidity Mining, Staking & Social Rewards for a strong signal to the market.

Solaris Digital Assets GmbH Partnership

Planned start of our partnership with this top European fintech bank.

KWG Custody License

By receiving the custody licenses, we can expand our range of services.

Platform Coinpayments & Coinbase Module

With this module we make payment with crypto possible.

Founding UnitedCrowd Digital Assets GmbH

Planned establishment of a brokerage company.

UCT Token Listing Hongkong Ltd

Completion of our token sale.

IDnow GmbH Partnership

Our KYC will get even better thanks to IDnow.

Platform KYC Videoident

The new function will make KYC safer and more comfortable.

Platform Onboarding Funnel

Our new funnel will guide users step by step through onboarding.

Platform Custody Wallet

We are expanding our wallet to store security tokens.

Relaunch Platform

We are continuously improving our platform.

UCT DEX Listing Pancakeswap

After uniswap, the 2nd UCT DEX listing.

First Tokenized Securities

This will be a big step for us! The planning is already in progress.

UCT CEX Listing

Tradingstart at 2nd CEX:

Blockchain ID

Our users now get their own a blockchain identity.

Social Rewards

Rewards for supporting token and community through social activities.

Platform Client API

We will offer our products as a white label solution via API.

Integration Toll Bridge

Toll Bridge live on our platform.

UCT DEX Listing Uniswap

UCT live on Uniswap from now on.

UCT CEX Listing Latoken

First listing of the UCT! It won’t be the last.

Platform Launchpad

Tokenization Launchpad available for clients now.

34f GewO Licence

With a 34f GewO license we can broker investments.

Project Pools

DeFi Funding pools for upcoming projects.

Staking Vaults

Staking of UCT as well as LP tokens is possible for users now.

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining is now integrated on the platform.

VC Early Stage Financing

We are aiming for seed funding to accelerate our growth.


This Pool is managed by the community.

Start Marketing / Sales

We start our campaigns!

Governance Voting

Voting is now possible for token owners!


Enables the transfer of UCT between Ethereum and Binance.

Token Manager

Makes it easier for our clients to manage their own tokens.

Series-A Financing

We are aiming for series-a funding to accelerate our growth.

Platform Crypto Tax Modul

With the introduction of the tax module, users can take into account tax requirements directly via the platform.

Platform Multi Project Dashboard

Users will be able to manage multiple projects in their dashboard.



With the ERC-1400, we are expanding our portfolio with a new security token.

Relaunch Mobile Apps

We are planning to simplify and improve our apps.

Secondary Market Modul

Trading on our platform will be possible. We can hardly wait.

Partnership Börse Stuttgart

This partnership makes secondary market trading possible.

Platform Company Register Modul

Companies can be asked about creditreform via the platform.

Platform Legal Entity Inferface

Legal service managers can use this interface to make documents available.

Tokenized Investment Funds

With this introduction, funds can be tokenized.

Start Sales Europe

EU-wide market launch.


Waiting for next Bitcoin Halving

Like the whole crypto world 🙂


Raising funds for your company has never been easier