New technologies are challenging. Blockchain and Web3 offer many opportunities, but are not an end in themselves and should be used in a targeted manner. The possibilities are developing rapidly, wrong decisions not only give away potential, but can also be expensive. Our experts offer specific consulting services on the topics of Blockchain, Web3 and digitization, including:

Digital strategy consulting

Together we will develop your digital corporate strategy and support you in the digital transformation.

Token Economy Consulting

When creating digital assets, many questions arise. We answer them and develop solution-oriented strategies for you.

Smart Contract Consulting

Discover the potential of digital contracts. We help you with your smart contract project.

Token Governance Consulting

Community participation for your project? We design coordination procedures, implementation and introduction to suit your goals.


After you have contacted us, we will reach out to you and coordinate the exact procedure based on your needs. Our experts are there for you all the time.

In addition to more general management consulting, UnitedCrowd offers specific consulting services on the topics of Web3, blockchain, tokenization, digital assets, token growth strategy, token governance, smart contract development and token economy & metrics, in which initial miscon ceptions are difficult or impossible to correct afterwards. Feel free to contact us.

We provide comprehensive advice on your concerns and answer your questions. We are also happy to carry out complete processes for you (e.g. creating digital assets). Exactly what you get from us depends on what you need. Let's find out together how we can help you.

Contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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