Security tokens are tokenized assets that may fall under applicable securities regulations. These tokens offer investors the same rights and security as traditional securities. Thanks to the necessary permissions after KWG32, §34f, §34i and §34c, we can broker your digital assets in compliance with regulations and thus initiate investments in tokenized projects through the sale of security tokens.

Financial investment brokerage

Financial investment brokerage according to §34f Sec.1 Nr.3 GewO

Real estate loan brokerage

Real estate loan brokerage according to §34i GeWo

Loan intermediary for property developers, building supervisors

Loan broker for property developers and construction supervisors according to §34c GewO


Financial services and brokerage with KWG 32 liability umbrella


With security tokens, for example, claims, participation righ ts or assets can be digitally mapped. T hey then can be sold like their physical representatives in order to implement financing, for example. In contrast to physical values, however, security tokens offer numerous advantages.

With our licenses we can provide all common security tokens.

Yes, we have the necessary licenses.

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