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Invest for the right reasons

 Now everyone has the chance to invest into startups. Do it because you love the founders, the product, the vision, or simply do it because of the money. But always remember that startup investments are very risky.

No fees

We do not charge any fees for your investments. The use of our investment platform is also free.

Legally compliant

Your investments are legally secured and tradable. All contract details are mapped via smart contracts on the blockchain.

Easy diversification

Invest small amounts into multiple startups and build a diversified and quality portfolio.

Stay flexible

You can buy, sell and trade your investments on crypto exchanges.

Vetted startups

The startups you can invest in must all successfully pass our comprehensive due diligence process.

Fund the Future

Entrepreneurs innovate and can change the world with their visions. By funding them, you can change the future, too.

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