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Rewards for Supporters

With UnitedCrowd Social Rewards, hunters and shillers can get a maximum benefit with minimal effort. The Social Rewards board on the platform can be used for supporting the UnitedCrowd ecosystem.

Different Campaigns

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Earn Tokens

Support the UnitedCrowd ecosystem.


Simple Tasks

Follow, like, share and comment.

No fees

No initial investment.


No Risk

Start and stop whenever you want.


More to come

Further tasks will be integrated.


What is UnitedCrowd?

UnitedCrowd is a decentralized ecosystem that connects real world asset projects with smart contracts on the blockchain and creates FinTech solutions for startups, while reducing risks for investors. You are able to buy and stake tokens, farm yields, participate in governance and receive rewards through social activities.




Voting made by the UCT token holders power the UnitedCrowd ecosystem.

Liquidity Pools

Earn rewards for providing liquidity with transaction fees and yield farming.

Staking Vaults

Earn ecosystem incentives, qualify for sale allocations and participate in staking.

Social Rewards

Receive rewards for supporting the community through social activities.

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We invite you to join our Social Rewards Program! Earn token with quick and easy tasks. What are you waiting for?

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