Our Mission

We want to establish tokenizations as a smart and feasible way of raising funds on the capital market.

Who is UnitedCrowd?

UnitedCrowd is a global platform for digital direct finance. We use blockchain technology to connect companies with investors to finance them.

We are registered as a German GmbH, headquartered in Cologne. As a German company with many years of experience, we have an excellent network in Germany and Europe, which is the main target market of our tokenization service.


Our Team

Anja Heinrichs

Conceptual Designer

Mihail Berlant

Business Analyst

Adil Kadiyawala

Senior Developer

Christian Heuser

Art Director

Yasemin Uygun

PR Manager

Anuman Nguyen

Smart Contract Developer

Sagar Radadiya

Mobile Developer

Gilberto Volkmann

UI/UX Designer

Werner Laga

R&D Manager

Dhaval Solanki

Senior Developer

Sebastian Grebe


Benjamin Steffens

Key Account

We encourage entrepreneurship

UnitedCrowd supports companies from all over the world with fast and affordable direct financing.

We connect investors

Our tokenization platform is a unique investment tool for everybody who wants to become a blockchain investor.


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