• 06 April 2021
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UnitedCrowd Social Rewards meets OogaVerse

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Good news ahead! The UnitedCrowd Social Rewards System is ready for use. And that’s not all: With OogaVerse, former SpaceApes, we have won a fantastic client for the new system, whose Rewards Campaign will be live on the UnitedCrowd Platform from December 9th, 2021 1 pm UTC on.

UnitedCrowd Social Rewards: Get UCT for free!

The UnitedCrowd Social Rewards System rewards simple activities with tokens. With just a few clicks, such as a follow on Twitter or a like on Facebook, participants can receive free UCT!

We use our system not only for ourselves, but also for our clients. That is why there will be more than one campaign live at our platform. In addition to our own campaign — the UnitedCrowd campaign — which will start soon, our clients OogaVerse campaign now starts on December 9th, 2021 1 pm UTC.

It gets even better: The five best participants in the Social Rewards campaign win one out of 5 whitelist spots for the MEKAKAPES Games!

What is the MekaApes Game?
Meka Apes Game is a risk protocol game on the Ethereum Blockchain. Robo Oogas are producing $OOGEAR which is used to build more Robo Oogas and also MekaApes. Detailed information you can find inside the FAQ channel in OogaVerse Discord.

You can take part in the campaign 👉 here.

OogaVerse taking NFT world by storm

The collection of OogaVerse nonfungible tokens (NFTs) lives on the Ethereum blockchain. Starting Nov. 21, OogaVerse has migrated to a new smart contract. As a result, new usability features are now available on OogaVerse. For example, the breeding of Genesis 2 Baby Oogas is now possible!

On September 7, 2021, the first 100 Oogas were listed on OpenSea. Another astonishing 1,900 NFTs were listed subsequently. OogaVerse is not your ordinary NFT collection. It has been purposefully created with the connection of the digital and real-life world in mind. The ultimate plan is to set up an “OogaVerse clubhouse” on Bali where crypto-related and general events can be held for the OogaVerse community.

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OogaVerse owners have the following benefits:

1. Access to the Alpha-Chat

By using the Alpha-Chat, Ooga owners get direct chat access to professional crypto analysts. These industry experts give live feedback based on each individual’s needs and situation.

2. Getmoni Portfolio Tracker

The OogaVerse team has partnered with getmoni. As a result, getmoni provides their app for tracking crypto and NFT portfolios — equipped with analytics tools on top. Owners of Oogas get exclusive access to the app and it’s excellent analytics capabilities.

3. Real-Life Club VIP Access

Regular events are being held exclusively for Ooga owners on the island of Bali. At such crypto conferences, industry experts and crypto analysts are present to share their insights with the OogaVerse community. This allows access to information and gives each Ooga owner the possibility to grow their network and therefore, the Ooga community as a whole.

Support OogaVerse in it´s mission and earn UCT at the same time by participating in their Social Rewards campaign which is live now.

Find out more about OogaVerse here.