• 06 April 2021
  • Announcements

Mycro feat. UnitedCrowd: Our first client’s public IEO is running

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We at UnitedCrowd have a passion for good ideas and innovative business models. That’s why we do our utmost to ensure that our clients achieve successful financing.

All the more we are very proud to announce that the private sale of our first client Mycro was sold out on one day. The 1st round of the public sale happened yesterday and was sold out after 13 minutes and 7 seconds. The 2nd round of the public sale is running now.

Mycro is the first global #decentralized platform for simple jobs. By its peer-to-peer network and mobile applications, Mycro connects people who need support with simple jobs and people who are looking for some extra money, in real time. Users can offer or apply for any short- term job, ranging from home, delivery, virtual and skilled services. Mycro ensures complete trust, low fees and 100% ownership of ratings.

UnitedCrowd supports Mycro in the implementation of its IEO on BitForex Turbo. As the private sale and the 1st round of the public sale is already sold out, grab your chance to get some #MYO during the 2nd round of the public sale. You find more information here: https://www.bitforex.com/en/turbo/myo

And for those who think the “E” in IEO might be a typo: In the following we explain what this new financing model is all about.

Initial Exchange Offerings: IEOs

Like ICOs, IEOs serve to generate capital through the sale of tokens. An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) thus is a public offer of tokens whose goal is to finance a project.

However, unlike ICOs, issuers do not launch tokens directly through their own platform, but rely on the service of a mediating exchange. Accordingly an Initial Exchange Offering is a token fundraising event that takes place on a crypto exchange.

Compared to ICOS, IEOs bring a number of advantages to token publishers and investors alike

Token publishers benefit from the broad coverage that exchanges can offer due to their extensive user base. A comparable scope of reach is difficult to generate in any other way.

Furthermore, an IEO listing on an exchange also gives projects a certain reputation, since the exchanges stand by their name for the credibility of the project. Also, token issuers can usually expect that the exchange will serve as a secondary market for the token after the end of the IEO.

IEOs add value to ICOs also from the investors perspective, too. While exchanges can not guarantee profitable investments, they filter fraudulent projects thus increasing investment security.