• 06 April 2021
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How to succeed with ICO marketing strategy

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In 2017 alone, more than 900 initial coin offerings launched in hopes of securing capital for cryptocurrency ventures. Undoubtedly, there were some success stories, but a significant proportion of these ICOs fell at the first hurdle. In fact, figures suggest more than half of those ventures resulted in early failure. This isn’t down to chance. There’s clear trends we can observe in the marketing prowess of those ICOs that hit high notes and succeeded where others had failed. One area in particular where these savvy successes triumphed was in their acknowledgement of the apparent uncertainty of the cryptocurrency world.

Keeping the community happy

There’s much more to a solid ICO marketing strategy than luring in potentially reluctant investors with bold promises and dismissals of doubt. There’s a very engaged and enthusiastic section of the market who want nothing more than to capitalise on the crypto boom and invest in a project. Making sure they’re well taken care of throughout the ICO stage is of paramount importance. It shouldn’t come as any kind of shock that the best performing ICOs from 2017 demonstrated a real knack for keeping a finger on the pulse when it came to engaging with their communities. Not only were they openly engaging with the community at large on popular platforms such as Discord, this outreach role was commonly assumed by founding members and key team personnel. When you combine this level of candour and openness with an active line of communication to the investor pool, the benefit to your ICO marketing strategy can be seismic. Clear answers to questions and a more o0pen forum approach to feedback creates both trust in concept, as well as encouraging a real sense of community. There’s no denying that the cryptocurrency market is a potentially volatile one, but if you’ve established trust and developed the right level of rapport with investors, it becomes possible to steer investors through times of uncertainty without worrying about your token value sinking like a stone.

Enjoy better standing with the right branding

As soon as the mass market get wise to fraud tactics and scams, the next innovation to part people from their capital rears its ugly head. This has been true of many a business for years, with the crypto sphere having suffered significantly in more recent times. This is why branding is massively important to ensure you make the right impression, instil confidence in potential investors and, ultimately, realise a successful initial coin offering. Don’t even think about charging ahead if you haven’t got the basics in place. Second-rate website or silent social media channels? Cautious investors are just looking for a reason to strike you off their list and that lack of branding awareness and all round effort you’ve demonstrated will send them packing. Even after you’ve a premier website and professional online channels in place, your branding will need to build further outward. Company founders are a key part of the sale when an investor is deciding on whether to take a punt. Look back at the big hitters of 2017 and you’ll see in-depth information about them and their history that’s not hidden in the backwater pages of a website. If your ICO is enjoying any significant media presence, having a recognisable face already in the mix will help market your appeal massively.

Be upfront about cryptocurrency USPs

The cryptographic world is a varied one and successful cryptocurrencies are often marketed on their unique appeal and function. If someone has to spend an age researching what your unique selling points are, then your coin probably doesn’t have much of one. Preparing the hard sell of your coin ahead of time is crucial in capturing investor attention, while you’ll need that level of detail and more for when it comes to in-depth interaction with investors-in-waiting later on.

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