• 06 April 2021
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Bridging the gap between companies and investors with our tokensale platform

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UnitedCrowd offers regulatory compliant direct funding based on blockchain technology. As a full-service business partner, we use our technology to implement quality-proven token sales, creating exclusive investment options.

An important part of our technical solution is the UnitedCrowd Platform, which we have developed to bring companies and investors together for digital investments. Equipped with many features and intuitive to use, the UnitedCrowd platform is an all-in-one digital finance tool.

Let’s take a look at the platform …

Companies and investors each have their own needs when it comes to digital financing. What unites them is the desire for a reliable and simple solution.

When developing our UnitedCrowd platform, we have considered that: Our system has two faces, or a “two-sided-backend” as our developers put it. This gives investors and companies access to exactly the functions they need to optimally support their goals through their personal accounts.

The intuitive user interface makes operating easy and clear

Investors and companies should be able to concentrate on what counts. That’s why we have designed the platform in an intuitively understandable way, even for those without any experience in digital investment. All features can be accessed through a user-friendly dashboard. Here investors can see at a glance the development of their portfolio in real-time statistics and news about projects they are following. Companies in turn get an overview of their sales and marketing statistics to keep them in complete control of their financing campaign at all times.

We make investing uncomplicated and direct

Investors gain access to exclusive investments via our platform. Current investment opportunities are presented with extensive information. The investment itself is done in a few steps, safely and clearly. With the integrated payment system, payments are possible via banks, PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.

We offer not only investment management, but also interaction and participation

Practice shows that companies and investors have more to give than pure financing. Therefore, our platform provides effective tools for interaction and participation. Collaboration and voting functions – such as surveys – have been developed to optimally support the exchange between companies and investors. Hereby companies can actively involve their community, giving investors a voice and the chance to gain Airdrop tokens for becoming actively involved.

The Help Center feature provides investors with integrated FAQs and a support ticket system as well as a chat, plus extensive information and direct contact with the companies that interest them. Current notifications, such as special offers, can be sent to investors quickly and easily via the corporate messaging system.

Safety is our top priority

That is why we have created the platform to be a secure environment for digital finance. Accounts can be secured by 2-factor authentication and a login history offers additional security. It comes without saying, that we set the highest standards in terms of technical security measures regarding all systems, such as effective DDOS protection and an ISO / IEC 27001 certified data centre.

This is just the beginning: Wallet, Compliance, Bounty and Launchpad

The UnitedCrowd platform is a gateway to the word of digital investment. However, the features presented in this article are only a small part of the benefits UnitedCrowd offers. With the modules Wallet, Compliance and Bounty as well as the Token Launchpad, we take further decisive steps forward. All modules are connected to the platform and can be accessed via it.

In the upcoming blog articles, we would like to introduce you to the following modules:


Our free multi-wallet offers safe custody, effective trading and fast transfer of digital assets. The functions of the Wallet include Atomic Swaps, private key export and the ability to use real names for cryptographic wallet addresses. The Wallet is available both via the UnitedCrowd platform, as well as a free app.


The integrated compliance module offers clients and investors an efficient and digitized solution to handle all required KYC and AML processes. The system ensures compliance with international regulatory requirements, is multilingual and provides maximum security.


Bounty, Airdrop and Referral programs can be created, customized, handled and optimized in just a few steps via the Bounty module within the platform. A variety of individual measures are available for this. Testing and execution are automated.


The Launchpad enables companies to set up and execute digital financing campaigns fully automated based on the UnitedCrowd Tokenization Framework. In-house inspection processes ensure adherence to the standards of the applicants, the token is created and modulated with the token generator.