• 06 April 2021
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UnitedCrowd Bounty

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The time will come soon: The public UnitedCrowd IEO will start on February 11th 2021, we will communicate detailed information in the next newsletter. We are very happy and would like to share this good news with the whole world! Ok – the whole world might not work out, but in order to spread the good news as far as possible, we have designed a bounty program in which we reward participants for their support of our marketing campaign with tokens.

What a bounty program is, how it works and how the UnitedCrowd Bounty is designed, you can find out in this article:

What is a bounty program?

Bounty means as much as reward and a bounty program is actually just that: a rewards program. The rewards at these programs are mostly tokens that a company gives away without payment. However, to receive those tokens certain services or activities have to be done. So, the tokens can be earned to a certain extent.

Depending on the type of activity that is rewarded with tokens, bounty programs can be used sensibly for various purposes. A well-known variant are so-called bug bounties. Developers receive tokens for finding and reporting errors in systems, platforms or websites. Likewise, translations of website content, a white paper or other documents can be rewarded with tokens.

Companies very often use bounty programs in advance of a token sale to support their token sale marketing. They offer tokens as a reward for activities that increase the reach of their campaign and draw investors’ attention to their sale. Examples of such activities are liking and sharing posts on social networks. Bounty programs offer the advantage to especially address blockchain and crypto-affine users who are particularly relevant for a token sale.

How does a bounty work?

The conditions of a bounty program have to be precisely defined in advance and communicated openly. It has to be regulated, for example, how registration takes place, which remuneration is paid for which activities, how and when token will be transferred and which rules must be observed. Of course, it must also be determined how many tokens in total are made available for the program. As soon as everything is set, the upcoming bounty program is then advertised in order to attract as many participants as possible.

During the term of a bounty program, participants can register and log which tasks they have completed. All information is collected, evaluated and used to calculate the tokens earned for each participant. At the end of the program, the total amount of reserved tokens will be divided between the participants in proportion to their activities and transferred to their wallets.

Properly designed, bounty programs are beneficial for everyone involved. Companies receive support with their goals, such as reach in relevant target groups and participants secure tokens for a mostly very manageable effort.

The UnitedCrowd Bounty Program

We reserve a total of 12,500,000 UCT for the participants of our bounty program. This corresponds to a value of € 250,000 which we will pay out in tokens to all those who support us with our IEO!

Our bounty program therefore offers you 6 ways to earn UCT-tokens in just a few steps. And yes! You can participate as much as you want:

  • Facebook
    • Receive tokens for liking and sharing official UnitedCrowd posts.
  • Twitter
    • Receive tokens for liking and sharing official UnitedCrowd posts.
  • Telegram
    • You follow our official Telegram chat – we will reward you with tokens. You can receive additional tokens if you also invite your friends to our chat.
  • Blogging
    • Write about us: Create and publish articles related to UnitedCrowd and earn tokens.
  • Translation
    • Help us tell people who speak other languages about us too: We reward the translation of our whitepaper or the content of our website with tokens.
  • Bitcointalk signatur
    • Use the UnitedCrowd signature in your profile and publish posts in your Bitcointalk threads.

Curious? The UnitedCrowd Bounty Program for the UnitedCrowd Bounty Program, instructions and registration links are available here.