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Who is UnitedCrowd?

UnitedCrowd is a global platform for digital direct finance. We use blockchain technology to connect companies with investors to finance them.

We are registered as German GmbH with headquarters in Cologne. As a German company with many years of experience we have an excellent network in Germany and Europe, where the focus of our tokenization service lies.


Our team

Anja Heinrichs

Business Development

Christian Heuser

Art Director

Anuman Nguyen

Smart Contract Developer

Dhaval Solanki

Senior Developer

Adil Kadiyawala

Senior Developer

Sagar Radadiya

Mobile Developer

We support entrepreneurship

UnitedCrowd is a decentralized ecosystem that creates FinTech solutions for startups, while reducing risks for investors.


We mediate investors

UnitedCrowd is a platform that enables you to stay in control of your finances, get cash flow from tokens. 


Welcome to UnitedCrowd

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